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The Dome

TheWesCape tents are manufactured from the strongest materials, sheltering you from the elements in nature. 

Due to its geodesic dome shape with straight walls, the tents are spacious and practical in use – a divider could even create separate spaces or rooms inside the dome. The blow up structure makes setting up the tent intuitive and fast, allowing you to settle your home anywhere. It is a way of living when you have your home in the trunk of your car.

90 sec setup time
2.5 m height
12 m2 groundsheet
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TheWesCape tents have built-in inflatable tubes that make setting up the tent intuitive and fast. Everyone can do it and within a few minutes you are ready to enjoy your home in the middle of nature. Tents can be inflated with an electric pump or a manual pump for more off grid adventures

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Our tents have been developed by three generations of tent builders from Cape Town – South Africa.

The domes are inspired by geodesic shapes from architect and world traveler R. Buckminster Fuller. His work and his lifestyle are the purest form of inspiration for the way we see life – free, exploring all terrains.

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TheWesCape tents are modular and can be built into multi room homes. Simply attach any of the four sides to any other side of a second tent by zipping up the storm panels. Finally the privacy you want on that family holiday.

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